Connect Your Ideas to an Improved Bottom Line and Cash Flow with…Your Own CFO 

We help you make Smarter Decisions and connect your ideas to an improved bottom line to grow your business!

Avoid the Common Mistake of not going deeper into your financial Data

➢ Clear financial & actionable reporting
➢ Streamline financial & operations process
➢ Manage/Improve cash flow to avoid crisis
➢ Profitability and pricing analysis
➢ Sales and Budget Planning
➢ Strategic Guidance
➢ Fraud Prevention
➢ Confront fear of financials and feel empowered to make better decisions

We have theideal blend of entrepreneurial and large complex, matrix organizations, commercial/non-profit experience. She is a straight shooting Business Partner helping to connect your ideas to improved profit, process and cash flow and avoid crisis.

➢ Professional Services
➢ Media/Advertising
➢ Licensing
➢ Non-profits
➢ Travel
➢ Trade Shows, Conferences, Event companies

HOW DO WE DO THIS: Let’s set up a FREE strategy session to determine what your company needs and how I can help you. If it makes sense for us to work together, I create a fixed monthly rate for services so there are no surprises and you know what to expect. And, you will always get a timely response to a question!

Here’s how to get in contact with me:

Chances are your CPA firm provides excellent tax services and your bookkeeper handles the bills, invoicing and payroll but some services are more effectively provided by a CFO with hands-on experience. The financial planning, cost savings and internal controls that we put in place will boost your earnings far in excess of the cost of our services

Your Own CFO is a sharp and experienced financial advisory services firm. We provide an on-call/part-time or interim CFO/Business Manager who can help you deal with all these problems at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO. With both Fortune 500 and small company backgrounds, we are quick to understand your company, evaluate your finances, improve your money mind-set and free you up to do what you do best—-Run Your Business!

We offer affordable rates catering to the small/mid size business owner who wants to grow their business and needs a right hand to take control of the finances, operations and other administrative matters.

We provide a variety of services for individuals and businesses. These services are focused on helping you manage your business with the K.I.S.S. approach to  planning, forecasting, training and maximizing your bottom line profits.

Your Own CFO is a financial/operations consulting firm that specializes in small and medium size business who don’t yet have a need for a full-time CFO/COO,/Business Manager but who see the need for a professional and strategic approach to their business operations.

We help set the strategic direction, reduce costs, maximize efficiency & cash flow, manage risk, identify and monitor performance KPI’s, dashboards and management of financial activities and operational issues. We bring SPICE

S Sounding Board/Voice of Reason
Planning, Profitability and Prevention
I Improve Process and Information
C Controls and Cash Flow to avoid Crisis
E Efficiencies for costs and time
Have a question on managing, improving and monitoring your business and cash flow, contact us for a free consultation.

We will work with you in person or on a virtual basis.

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